Consultants to sub contractors

Facades subcontractors generally fall into two categories: those having a glass factory and those who haven’t. NLC are able to provide valuable support in both cases. The ultimate aim of the facades contractor is to select the right glass that achieves the requirements of the specifications, within the time available to suit his production plan and most importantly within his budget. NLC are able to assist in every stage.



We will review the specification and provide a range of suitable alternatives that achieves the technical and commercial parameters.
We can audit potential suppliers worldwide to ensure they are suitable for the project in terms of quality, commitments and product range.
We can lead or assist in the tender process and ultimately advise on the best submissions.
We can assist in all aspects of negotiations with glass processors and other suppliers to ensure, time, cost, quality and performance all achieved prior finalizing the contract.
Ones the order is placed, we will implement our real time tracking process to ensure the glass is being processed on time in accordance with our agreement.
In the event of production issues, defects, failure or breakage, NLC will be on hand to review the traceability documents, pinpoint the cause of the problem and implement immediate corrective action to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.
When the glass substrate arrives, our team will be on hand to assist with the transformation process to ensure that the final products are delivered on time.
Our support will provide valuable assistance in managing the process and minimizing the risks that are often experiences when interacting with the glass production market.