Advisors to main contractors

Main Contractors often suffer from a lack of in-depth knowledge on specific products. Procurement and management of glass is a typical example. Main contractors preference in procuring glass is to tender to a selected number of suppliers and generally use the most competitive submission. Often however this process leaves significant issues such as technical compliance, delivery lead time, material sourcing, and quality to be resolved at a later date. At NLC, we have significant experience in working with main contractors. Our Role will be to ensure that you select the most appropriate supplier and the right products to achieve the architect specifications.

We will:

Review the requirements of the specifications and evaluate who, in our opinion, is best placed to deliver the project.
Prepare comprehensive tender documentation, manage the bidding process, make an evaluation on the proposals submitted and budget available.
Agree with you a procurement route and effectively lead your team to the point of order placement.
Our pre-assessment of the existing supply chain will assist in streamlining the order process and bring a level of comfort that the suppliers have already been fully assessed
Having placed your order with the supplier, NLC will then employ its resources to ensure the supplier delivers the completed products on time and to the agreed quality.
Our comprehensive tracking schedules will give a real time update on the progress of your order and raise an early warning if time or quality is slipping so that early corrective actions can be implemented.
We will continue to monitor the supplier to ensure the project is delivered completely, on time and provide additional support if needed with respect to method statements, risk assessments, defect or damage on site and replacement issues that can often compromise the overall completion date.