Consultants to
glass processors

At NLC we have more than 15 years of experience in running and managing glass production facilities. Our support can be tailored to meet your needs focusing on specific issues like tempering and lamination to full facility audits that are aimed at rejuvenating the company’s performance.

Our expertise extends to:

Equipment analysis
and replacement
Software upgrades
and implementation
Process flow and
material movement
Time and motion
Labor training and
Cost control and
break even analysis

We inject our “know-how” into your business by:

Optimizing your
production by reducing
trial and error.
Minimizing losses and
wastage causes by
inefficient production.
Improving the quality
of finished products.
Reducing your
actual cost.
Placement on our approved vender list which is regularly issued to consultants, developers and contractors thereby raising the company profile and with it the potential to secure new business.