Advisors to architects & engineers

At NLC, we have the experience to support the Architect and his consultants in specifying and ultimately selecting the optimum glass to make his vision a reality. All projects require glass to perform in different locations: facades, balustrades, atriums, skylights, doors, internal screens, staircases, etс.. and all require to be properly assessed to ensure the appropriate performance , safety and appearance.

“New level consultancy” can Help on:

Product selection to suit the
design and building
Budget advice to the
professional team to ensure that
the expenditure on glass meets
the clients’ expectations.
Structural advice
on glass design.
Mock up
and samples.
Managing the risk associated with glass phenomena such as and not limited to nickel sulfide inclusion, anisotropy, thermal shock, distortion.
Reducing lead
times for delivery.
Liaison with municipalities
and local authorities.
Quality control and auditing
production facilities.
Providing independent third party inspection, reports and performance verifi cation.
Cleaning and
maintenance strategy.